Willow Springs Open Space in Centennial, CO is a quaint grassy open space with picnic tables and wildlife viewing. It also features a hiking trail and parking lot. Read on to learn more. Also, check out the other parks in the area, including Lone Tree Park and Englewood Dam. This article will help you find the best parks in Centennial. Posted below are some of our favorites:

If you’re looking for a unique and relaxing walk near the city, consider visiting the Englewood Dam in Willow Spring Open Space in Centennial, Colorado. The dam was built in the 1930s to regulate flooding in the area, and was later raised to its current height in the 1970s. The dam is an earthen structure that controls the flow of Willow Creek through a concrete pipe at its base. The dam protects the area below it from flooding and provides a nice area to picnic.

This open space is part of the South Suburban Park and Recreation District. The South Suburban Parks and Recreation District recently held a community outreach meeting about the dam’s ongoing maintenance. However, the city has no role in the maintenance of the dam. As a result, the town’s Urban Drainage has stepped in to resolve the issue. The city has pledged to remove grass-free areas and unofficial “habit trails” on the dam in 2016. Learn more.

For outdoor recreation, the Willow Spring Open Space features well-developed trails and a 2.1-mile loop trail. This area is also part of the larger 6.1-mile South Suburban Willow Creek Trail. The park’s prominent feature is the Englewood Dam, which was constructed for flood control in the 1930s and raised even higher in the 1970s. The earthen dam limits the flow of water through a concrete pipe at the base. The dam protects downstream areas from flooding.

If you’re looking for an outdoor spot in the suburbs of Denver, you should check out the Willow Springs Open Space. This park is 158 acres and adjacent to Homestead Park. You can take a walk through the park or hike along the creek, or enjoy the park’s trails. There are even hills for sledding. In 1987, the South Suburban Park and Recreation District purchased this open space for public use. There is a picnic table in the park, as well as parking for 8 vehicles.

The Lone Tree Pedestrian Bridge is a city landmark in Lone Tree. It is an 80-foot tall leaf-shaped structure supported by cable-stays. A ramp or stairway is provided at either end for pedestrians. The bridge continues through the park past office buildings and parks until it ends at Prarie Sky Park. You can walk over the bridge during the day or evening, depending on the weather. A fantastic read.

If you’re looking for a beautiful nature trail in Centennial, try out the Willow Creek Trail at the Willow Springs Open Space. The quaint Grassy open space is a favorite of locals and visitors. The park offers picnic tables and seating along the trail. You can also enjoy watching the wildlife at the open area. This trail is easy to navigate and is great for the whole family.

The trail follows Willow Creek, which flows through the park. You will pass several ponds, streams, and a waterfall. This trail is also a great place to get some exercise. Approximately 2 miles of the trail are paved, but it’s worth exploring them all. The 6.1-mile Willow Creek Trail is a favorite of locals, as is the Willow Creek Park, which is adjacent to the Willow Spring Open Space. The park also includes a dam built in the 1930s to help control flooding. The dam is a concrete pipe, which allows Willow Creek to flow through it.