A soft tissue transplant is used when there has been a significant amount of gum recession in a specific location. Gum recession may usually be treated with minor adjustments to your dental hygiene habits to better care for your teeth and gums.

As the gingiva recedes, it exposes you to greater risk of infection and bacterial penetration. When your teeth recede further, your taste buds will most likely become more sensitive to hot and cold foods. If the gums retreat far enough to expose the root, you run the danger of developing more serious problems. Because the root is softer than enamel, it is more prone to germs and plaque.

A soft tissue transplant may be used to restore proper gum level and function. This is done by removing soft tissue from the roof of the mouth or repositioning healthy gum tissue from neighboring teeth. This operation is very straightforward and has a high success rate. Before more severe problems develop and periodontal surgery is required, this procedure should be carried out.