Swollen Lips and Post-Extraction Instructions in Parker, CO

We place a high priority on patient comfort at Ardas Family Dental in Parker. When a patient needs a wisdom tooth extraction or any other kind of series procedure, we provide safe numbing and sedation and clear post-operation instructions. We’re proud to say that most of our patients never experience any serious problems. However, one issue that might come up if a patient isn’t careful is a swollen lip.

Sensation to much of the lower jaw is provided by the alveolar nerve. We use an injection to numb it when we’re doing work on the teeth in the lower jaw, and the patient will be able to feel it again a few hours later. But while the nerve is numb, the patient’s lower lip will feel heavy and rubbery. Many, especially children, bite down on it out of curiosity. But the lip isn’t actually any tougher than usual; the patient just can’t feel how hard they’re biting. As a result, their lip may swell up significantly and feel sore once the anesthetic wears off.

The swelling usually looks more dangerous than it really is. If it’s infected, it will turn red and cause a fever, in which case it will need to be treated with antibiotics. But most of the time, it goes down after about a week. Following an extraction, patients are advised to hold cold packs against their faces for fifteen minutes at a time, alternating with fifteen minute breaks. After forty-eight hours, they can switch to hot packs. The same advice applies when a patient has a swollen lip, but knowing the danger of one is often enough to avoid it.

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