How to Clean Your Retainer

Retainers are essential for maintaining your teeth’s position after braces are removed. These dental appliances are worn lifelong to prevent the natural shifting of teeth. But irregularly sterilizing your retainer can wreak havoc on your oral health. At Ardas Family Dental in Parker, CO, Dr. Roopi Kattaura provides professional care for braces aftercare, including retainers. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your retainer clean for an amazing smile.

Types of Retainers

There are three types of retainers on the market: Hawley wire, clear, and permanent bonded retainers. Each retainer varies in terms of hygiene care.

Hawley Wire Retainers:

Hawley wire retainers are the standard retainers at Ardas Family Dental. Made of hard acrylic or plastic with a metal wire, these retainers are removable and durable. This is why Hawley retainers are the easiest to clean.

The best way to wash your Hawley retainer is under lukewarm water and mild soap. If you notice plaque or debris on the surface of your retainer, don’t be afraid to scrub very gently with a toothbrush or cotton swab.

Clear Retainers:

Invisalign and Essix retainers both fall into this category. While clear retainers are also removable, the interior surfaces of the appliance are harder to disinfect.

Like Hawley retainers, sanitize clear retainers as soon as you remove them. When dry, bacteria and debris are harder to unclog on the surface of retainers.

Permanent Bonded Retainers:

These retainers are the hardest to clean because they’re permanently fixed to your teeth. Usually bonded to the back of the molars, these teeth are difficult to floss between the permanent retainer. Dr. Kattaura of Ardas Family Dental in Parker, CO recommends a floss threader to weave between your retainer.

Additional Tips:

Retainers need to be handled gently to preserve them for long-term use. This means staying away from any harsh cleaners and rough scrubbing.

If you want a deeper clean for your retainer or notice bacteria stuck on the surface, bring your device to our Parker, CO office for special cleaning.

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