At Ardas Family Dental, we treat your family like our family. It’s one of the many reasons that Dr. Roopi Kattaura treats patients of all ages. Fluorosis is one pediatric dental condition we commonly see. This is when a child is exposed to abnormal levels of fluoride. The teeth appear to have white and thin streaks on them. This isn’t a dangerous condition but merely a cosmetic one. To learn more about fluorosis, talk to your Parker, CO, dentist.

The only patients that are at risk for fluorosis are children. This is because fluorosis targets teeth that haven’t emerged from the gum line. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral in the water supply. It keeps both the water and our teeth clean. It’s important your child is evaluated for fluorosis to determine if there is a nutritional imbalance.

Breastfeeding your child is a great way to minimize their exposure to fluoride. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding your child until the age of three. Breast milk contains the necessary nutritional elements your child needs. Formula use heightens the risk of fluorosis. This is because most formula requires water, which then contains fluoride. Parents also need to monitor how much toothpaste their child uses. Dental hygiene products contain fluoride. Your Parker, CO, dentist states that children under the age of three shouldn’t use more than a grain of rice worth of toothpaste.

Start having your child brush their teeth twice a day when they reach the age of three. Make sure they use no more than a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. Instruct them to spit out the toothpaste when they are done so they don’t swallow it. The same goes for mouthwash. Swallowing these products is a good way for them to develop fluorosis.

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