If you’re planning a visit to Parker, Colorado, you’ll want to check out 17 Mile House Farm Park. This historic site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and includes a 19th century farmhouse, outbuildings, and trails and interpretive exhibits. There are also hiking trails and picnic areas, so you’re sure to have a memorable experience. Read on to learn more about this park.

Visitors to 17 Mile House Farm Park can explore the 19th-century farmhouse and outbuildings, and take advantage of picnic areas and trails. The property also contains an 1890s farmhouse, and is well-suited for hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities. A short drive away is the nearby town of Parker, and the Heritage site is worth exploring for the historical, natural, and agricultural treasures. Here, you can also sample a variety of locally-made foods and sample local wines.

The historical importance of 17 Mile House Farm Park can’t be overstated. This 155-year-old farm served as an important rest stop for pioneers during the 1860s. Visitors can also tour a working farm and learn about the life of an 18th century family. For the most authentic experience, visit the park on an open house day. The open house event will be held in the spring, and tour dates will be announced soon.

The National Register of Historic Places has recognized the 155-year-old 17 Mile House as a landmark of the region. This historic structure served as a rest stop for 1860s pioneers traveling the trail to the gold fields in California. This park was originally zoned for commercial development, but nine entities acquired the property in 2001. The National Register of Historic Places listing of 17 Mile House Farm Park Parker CO dates to 1983. Next article.

The historic district includes ten houses that were constructed to support the mill district. The buildings date back to the 1820s and were designed to withstand the demands of the town’s industry. The homes were once home to a soapstone mill. Six of the ten owners have chosen to maintain their homes and other structures within the historic district. The site also includes the Samuel R. Hanson House, which is a fine example of Queen Anne architecture. The house was built in the wake of a fire in the town in 1879. The Rolfe family was the most prominent industrialists in the town.

If you love nature, you’ll love the interpretive nature walks offered at 17 Mile House Farm Park in Parker. These hikes are led by the Denver Audubon and Cherry Creek Stewardship Partners. The park is located between two open spaces – the 75-acre Norton Farm Open Space and the 107-acre Parker Jordan Centennial Open Space. The 107-acre property was recently completed as a significant link in the Cherry Creek Regional Trail.

The town of Parker maintains a number of hiking trails, including the popular Cherry Creek Trail. This trail runs about eight miles through the city, connecting Cottonwood Park to Stroh Ranch Soccer Fields and the Cherry Creek Reservoir. This trail has paved surfaces and features restrooms and picnic areas. Visitors can hike through the woods on a beautiful fall day or spend a few hours enjoying the park’s natural beauty.

If you are looking for an interesting place to visit in Parker, Colorado, you can visit the 155-year-old 17 Mile House Farm Park. This park is a historic landmark that was once an important rest stop for pioneers in the 1860s. Besides the park’s historic buildings, the property also has three adjacent open spaces that serve as hiking and biking trails. Visitors can also tour the farm’s historic barn. Learn more.

You can also visit the 1850s-era 17-mile house, which served as a rest stop for settlers and gold seekers traveling across the Rocky Mountains. This historic landmark is one of the few remaining mile houses. These buildings were constructed along the Cherokee / Smoky Hill Trail, and were named after their distance from downtown Denver. The 17-mile house was one of two such structures, which were preserved by the Colorado State Historical Fund in 2001. The park also has two replica windmills, a silo, and a red barn.