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  • Do You Have an Impacted Wisdom Tooth?
    For some, growing wisdom teeth is a ball in the park. For others, it can be an uncomfortable experience. While it’s normal to feel some pain and soreness as a Read more
  • Dental Emergencies
    Emergencies can happen to anyone at any time. Make sure you are prepared for these situations. The same thing goes for dental emergencies. Whether you hurt yourself playing sports, trip, Read more
  • Recovering From Implants
    Dental implants is a procedure that replaces missing teeth with artificial ones. It’s a great and reasonable way to achieve a perfect smile. At Ardas Family Dental, Dr. Roopi Kattaura Read more
  • Fluorosis
    At Ardas Family Dental, we treat your family like our family. It’s one of the many reasons that Dr. Roopi Kattaura treats patients of all ages. Fluorosis is one pediatric Read more
  • Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth?
    At Ardas Family Dental, located in Parker, CO, Dr. Roopi Kattaura treats patients with all kinds of dental problems. This includes the care and removal of those pesky wisdom teeth. Read more